Kárai Exclusive & Racing Car Service

Our dynamically developing business was founded in 2005 and is still privately-owned.

We'll make your dreams come true!

At first we renovated classic cars, but the world of street cars and racing cars is not far from us, so we can provide a full range of services to our customers.

Their satisfaction motivates us daily to raise our knowledge to a level that we certainly do not disappoint.

We are proud that as a result of our work, if a classic BMW comes up somewhere, the name of our company will also be mentioned.

Our goal was to make our name equal to quality when it comes to restoration, repair or racing. It’s become a reality now.

There was a strong demand among our customers for the servicing and maintenance of street cars, so we also place great emphasis on fully serving those who come to us for such a service.

For as long as we can remember, racing is an integral part of our lives.

We have participated in numerous rally, rallycross and drift races and we plan to do so in the future.

We would like the name Kárai to become even more dominant in technical sports and we are working to enhance our country’s reputation with our achievements wherever we are in the world.


Our modern and tidy site has everything you need to renew your car.

  • Bodywork workshop
  • Polishing workshop
  • Polishing chamber
  • 4-position assembly workshop with state-of-the-art wheel alignment
  • Engine assembly workshop
  • Fast and accurate purchase of factory and custom parts

By coordinating workflows, we save your time.

Contact us if you want us to work together.

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