Those carefree 2000s

E36 325i

Many of you indicated that you don't really see an E36 here. The prayers of these people were answered today, and not just in any form! Idézzük vissza egy picit a 2000-es éveket.  Britney Spears, “Emo-korszak”, IPodok, gagyi zs-kategóriás tinivígjátékok…és persze hatalmas felnijű, nagy lökhárítós tuningverdák. Mai hősünk sem volt kivétel ez alól. Egy igazán gyönyörű E36 volt gyári állapotában, amikor is 2005-ben egy komplett átalakításon ment keresztül – az akkori trendeknek tökéletesen megfeleltetve. Egy E46 komplett frontját kapta meg, így a zárhídat, sárvédőket, lámpákat, stb. Mondani sem kell, hogy airrideot, nagyzenét és óriás krómfelniket is kapott, eltűntették a díszléceket és befalazták a lökhárítókat.

The owner kept his verda, but what a denial, time flew over him. He wanted to get the car back to its original glory and found the right doctors for it. We do not deny that the car has been with us for a long time, as we are determined to restore it to its factory shine - a'lá Kárai. As usual, it's got the best and latest from us, such as a BC Racing chassis with adjustable tower bearings, a new complete E36 front end, engine bay, exhaust and a set of BBS CH-R wheels. All this, of course, after a lot of body work! The dot for i was the car's new olive green color. It became a beautiful E36 again. Motorically, the car is also quite fine, since we are talking about a 25i. 

The paperwork was an ordeal for more than half a year due to the good Hungarian bureaucracy. We are not surprised by this anymore... While we were waiting for the car to get the green light, another problem came up: the interior, which was covered in leather approximately 10 years ago, is now quite outdated and was not really precise work... If you want a quality passenger space, you obviously can't avoid it none other than the MMM interior team. He received a unique individual interior from the guys. This is how this great Coupé got its old-new form.

You asked and you got it. This is what happens when we get an E36.