New year, more fulfilled dreams

E46 330Ci

As a little boy (and of course also as a little girl), everyone dreams of their first car. There is clearly the feeling that, flipping through the pages of Western magazines or glued to the TV screen, staring at the car shows, we plan with what we are going to conquer all the girls (or guys), how we are going to leave the other drivers standing at the traffic lights and what will the friends say when we arrive with the fat new vehicle. Our older readers also know that the first car is true love, an incomparable, everlasting kind. Putting aside the sentimental nostalgia, let us present to you one of the most complex projects of the year 2022, which is an extremely long haul - "Damn it..." this time not Kárai! - finally returned to its owner. E46 330Ci!

What was the need for this introduction? The parents of the owner of the car are a prime example of the fact that there are like-minded parents who do not want their child to get a fat new expensive car. In today's uniformed world, it is gratifying to see that there are people who prefer to spend to support their child so that they can have a real tasteful experience car. We would like to emphasize that this is not about money, since, just like a new car, such a renovation is not necessarily cheap fun. At least you don't have to worry about the child spending on harmful passions, the adrenaline will be enough for him.

Well, what did the renovation consist of:

Again, it was a project where we had a free hand regarding the end result, which made us want to do a little magic. When the car came to us, it was a kind of average 330Ci, with a "boring" color and an automatic transmission. We made it a little more playful. And the end result, as always, speaks for itself.

Thanks to our friend Demjén Peti, the car got a diff diff,

a ST (by KW) chassis courtesy of O.CT Tuning,

a brutal exhaust system from Bastuck for the perfect sound environment,

BBS CH-R rims 8.5 in front and 9.5 in rear,

and a 6-speed MANUAL gearbox to crown the driving experience (since it was automatic before).

Fortunately, we were able to use countless factory parts from Magisz for the project. To make it sufficiently hot inside and out, it rolled out of our workshop in a fashionable, yet striking Nardo Gray color, and the interior is MMM Interior, as usual from them, we can slowly say that she renovated it to the expected quality.(nőnemű)

We might even be a little envious of the owner that he will hit the roads with an experience car that is close to the M3 level (but much more budget-friendly). We wish you a safe and experience-rich drive!🤲

andn the photo gallery below, you can view some of the photos taken during the renovation!